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Your ideal italian wedding

Wedding planner agency in Italy “Dolce Vita”

how we will start your wedding directly here


1. Completion of a form, inquiry

Please indicate all your main wishes for the upcoming wedding in this application, we will study them and will contact you as soon as possible.


2. First acquaintance by email/whatsap

We will get to know you better and make sure that we are approaching the wedding from the same direction. From this step, we will begin our planning together.


3. Making of a contract

All our commitments will be documented and with all our professionalism, we will start creating each stage of the wedding of your dreams.


4. Prepayment

According to the contract, you should pay 20% of the contract price by a means convenient for you, to guarantee the reservation of location and all contractors.


5. Selection of a wedding spot

Depending on how you imagine your ideal wedding, we will choose a suitable location and confirm its availability on the chosen dates.


6. Discussing and selecting all necessary services

In the process of preparation, we will discuss in detail every element of your wedding and suggest to you how to realize it in the best possible way.



Based on your preferences and wishes, together we will develop the ideal style and script of your wedding, which will suit you as a couple.


8. Wedding planning

The personal wedding planner will be at your disposal 7 days a week so that you are aware of each stage of the wedding preparation and, could get answers to your questions and discuss new ideas.




How is everything going to be on my wedding day?

  • You check in to the hotel or villa reserved in advance. Your manager will stay in contact with you all the time, so as to, solve any questions which may arise.
  • We will rehearse the wedding program together on the site and once again we will talk through all the details.
  • Check if everything is ready for the most exciting event of your life (flowers, transport, preparation of the bride etc.).
  • After the final discussion of all the issues, You pay the remaining part of the contract price.
  • On the day of the wedding, you are assured of the perfect organization and fulfillment of all our obligations.
  • You will only have to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the holiday and receive unforgettable emotions!



Frequently asked questions

The best venues and dates are booked 12-18 months in advance. so the sooner you start planning a wedding, the better.

The optimal period is from May to October. At this time, there are comfortable weather conditions, and all locations and contractors are operating, and you will have a good choice.

The zone and the choice of a place for a ceremony and dinner for two is limited only by your wishes. For our part, we recommend accommodation, ceremony and dinner in one location, as this is the requirement of most venues for such chamber events.

If the wedding is planned for the autumn in the open air, then we recommend choosing the south of Italy as there the probability of good weather is more higher. When organizing a celebration in the north, you can always consider holding a wedding dinner in a closed hall or tent.

We are professionals with many years of experience in organizing weddings throughout Italy and always guarantee the highest level of service to our customers and their guests. If you want to be 100% sure that we are right for each other, leave a request for a free consultation right here, and we will contact you to talk personally. So, you will understand the level of our preparation, evaluate the opportunities that we offer, and consciously make the final choice.

Yes, we acknowledge all our liabilities by contract to protect the rights of both parties.

We are always glad to meet you in Italy, but if you can’t arrange that, we can keep in touch via e-mail, phone, Skype, WhatsApp or social networks – whichever you prefer.

Yes, consultation and selection of a comfortable hotel or villa for you and your guests is one of our main services. Moreover, our base of locations is one of the largest among wedding agencies, and we are happy to recommend the best options to you, depending on all your wishes.

We offer a wide range of specialists with different styles and prices. You also have the opportunity to engage your own contractors, but in this case we are not responsible for the fulfillment of their obligations.

The minimum number of working hours for a photographer is 5, for a videographer 8 - only with this time will there be enough material to create a good video and photo report.

Outdoor events should stop after 24.00 or, if it is provided for by the facilities and rules of the institution, the occasion can be moved to the inner halls. As a rule, this continuation is paid for in addition.

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