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Como, Garda, and Maggiore weddings: northern lakes of Italy are ideal places for exquisite ceremonies and receptions

If you plan an exquisite wedding, with every detail of this wonderful day speaking for the status, refined taste and romantics, than ideal place for this will be northern lakes of Italy – Como, Maggiore and Garda. Northern lakes of Italy are a place of swell, elegant and exquisite wedding. Villas on the coast of northern lakes of Italy are by right considered the ones of the most gorgeous places for wedding ceremonies.

The lakes are situated just a half an hour’s driving away from the boisterous Milan, where all bustle and city noise disappear as soon as you find yourseves on the banks of the lakes. The rampage of Mediterranean vegetation against the snowy background of the majestic Alps, pure waters and soft climate devoid of debilitating heat, aristocratic villas and castles with landscaped parks and gardens on Lake Garda, Como and Maggiore all serve a perfect scenery for the wedding.

Luxurios Wedding on Lake Come

Lake Como is located 45 km to the North of Milan in Lombardy with its center the town of Como sitting several miles away from Swiss border. The lake is 50 km long and is considered the deepest in Europe. It is a famous resort with many ancient villas and picturesque towns, where George Cloony, Donatella Versace, Madonna and Stallone and other stars prefer to have their housholds hiding them from the public’s eye.

The town of Bellagio in renowned for its Melci villa, built in the honour of Napoleon, with a beautiful japanese garden where List and Stendal used to walk. Have a dreamlike white wedding in one of the multiple churches or magnificent villas with a solemn ceremony and an impressive reception.

Romantic White Wedding on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe. Its admirable beauties were praised by the poets of the past, and Goethe himself sang an ode to its charm. A wedding on Lake Garda is a dream of many couples as they hope to have unforgettable emotions, memories and photos to stay with them for life. Some decide to have a small intimate wedding in castles or little villas with a view of the pure Garda waters, climb the narrow streets of a medieval town to reach a wedding spot somewhere on the top of a hill overlooking the roofs of an ancient settlement, the Alps and vineries.

One of the popular wedding venues is the town of Malcesine and the Castle of Scaliger, the massive fortress built in the Middle Ages by the knights of Verona to protect Lake Garda. It is totally surrounded by water and has an inner porch which houses a Roman and Medieval lapidary. Choose this stunning venue for your wedding ceremony and enjoy the views from the terrace of the Scaliger Castle over the glowing lake. The newlyweds might want to take a pleasant walk down the rocky roads of romantic medieval hamlet and together with their guests go on board an ancient clipper ship waiting to take everybody on a very special wedding cruise along the Northern coast of Lake Garda.

Wedding on Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore, surrounded by the Alps, is famous for multiple gardens sitting on its banks. Not far from Milan, this little piece of Switzerland in Italy stores the treasure of serenity untouched by tourist hordes. Private villas with exquisite green parks are open for visits through March to October. If you plan a spring or summer wedding, there is no other place like that.

Here the aristocratic princes of Borromeo family were born and grew up to make this place one of the most prestigious landmarks in Italy. Admirable palaces, luxurious villas and gardens are all full of the Belle Epoque atmosphere. You wedding on Maggiore will also have the air of its aristocratic charm. White peacocks, refined fountains and parks, elegant villas will serve a romantic background for your symbolic wedding and photoshoots.

Stay in Arona, called ‘the gate to Maggiore’: it is conveniently situated within easy reach to all local attractions. Lake Maggiore is also famous for its music and literature festivals that will contribute their charm and merriness to your wedding or honeymoon.

Discover the beauty and romanticism of Nother Italian Lakes. Describe to us your wedding requirements to the ceremony and we will find you an ideal wedding venue in this remarkable part of Italy. Call +39 3312933923 or fill in the form to contact us.

Unlike the majority of wedding agencies, “Dolce Vita” is based in Italy all year round. We not only work here, but live here too, so we are well informed about all the latest novelties, fashions, prices and offers on everything in the wedding industry.  



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