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   Do you want a civil wedding ceremony performed in Italy?

   A local council registrar conducts the marriage ceremony at a venue, approved by the community. If you need an official marriage under the law of Italy, marry an Italian spouse, or for other various purposes, a civil wedding in Sorrento is a perfect option for that. Besides, it is a very romantic and solemn ceremony, giving you chills down your spine while the Mayor performs the ceremony in Italian and pronounces you husband and wife.

   Civil wedding in Sorrento is going to be a unique and memorable event for life. A civil wedding ceremonies are held in beautiful venues on the Sorrento coast, welcoming spouses by elegant interior and architectural design as well as picturesque panoramic views of surrounding nature and boundless sea.

Chiestro San Francesco weddings

This monks’ abode build in 14th century in the heart of the town of Sorrento is now one of the oldest historic landmark of Sorrento coast. Visitors fall in love with the place as soon as they enter the remarkable patio framed by openwork arches with lush foliage of bougainvillea, rose bushes. The focal point of the patio takes an impressive old olive tree in the middle.

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Built on the foundation of an ancient monastery of the 7th century, Chiestro San Francesco has long been playing an important religious and administrative role in the life of the town community. Nowadays due to its mystic and magic atmosphere, its patio has become a popular spot for classic music concerts and wedding ceremonies among locals and visitors.

Villa Fondi civil wedding ceremonies

The town of Piano di Sorrento sitting atop the rocky cliff offers its visitors a pearl of neoclassic architecture – majestic Villa Fondi, build in 1840 by the Duke of Fondi, Don Giovanni Andrea de Sangro.

The surroundings of the villa are luxuriant with huge lush gardens of olive trees, palms, cacti, cypress and blooming gardenias.

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Inside one finds a modern Congress Hall and the Archeologic museum of Sorrento peninsula.

No wonder so many couples choose Villa Fondi for their civil wedding ceremony: the remarkable park and the terrace with the panoramic view of the Sorrento peninsula and gorgeous Vesuvius serve an original and colorful setting for any wedding.

Sorrento wedding ceremony at Villa Il Pizzo

Your wedding ceremony in the atmosphere of a historic Greek-Roman heritage is going to be romantic and fairytale-like. Villa Il Pizzo, the magnificent wedding venue in Sant’Agnello community just a few km from the beautiful Sorrento, is located in one of the biggest and most famous citrus gardens, atop the cliff avobe the sea.

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Archeologic treasures of Greek-Roman times put the venue among the most valuable national heritage objects of Italy. The villa became a popular attraction after 2012 “Love is all you need” Hollywood movie, shot with Pierce Brosnan on the premises.

Romantic Sorrento wedding is going to be performed on the outside terrace of the villa with a breathtaking view of the bright blue sea and magnificent Vesuvius.


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