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   My name is Margarita; I am the founder leading wedding agency DOLCE VITA - one of the best in Italy. For over 10 years, we have been creating atmospheric weddings, and I am happy that beloved couples trust us with their most important day in the most beautiful place on earth.

Behind our shoulders is an impressive experience of planning both cozy chamber ceremonies and magnificent celebrations for hundreds of invited people.

The main "ingredients" of our events are sensitivity and endless love for the work, which as a combination gives the perfect result. We will be with you at all stages of your wedding - from our first acquaintance and communication to happy hugs at the end of the holiday.

Every couple, every project, every wedding day is a special world for us, where we guess half-way the wishes of the newlyweds and find the best approach to solving any issue.

The wedding planner is not just responsible for ensuring that everything progresses well and on the timing for the wedding day. This is your friend, whom you can tell about all your experiences and dreams. Because she knows how to minimize the first and implement the second. DOLCE VITA, will be delighted to become this kind of planner and friend for you.




The main task for me and my team is to create moments of true happiness, the memories of which will remain with you forever.What do we love most about our work? Receiving this kind of reviews:
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Natali & Igor

""Our Italian fairy tale". We started preparing for the wedding long (one and a half years), but we immediately decided that it would be a chamber wedding abroad in the circle of our closest friends and closest friends. We settled on Italy and decided that everything would be serious and real, with the official ceremony. At first, we communicated with many organizers at the same time, but it was Margarita who conquered us with her enthusiasm, tremendous energy and love for her work. She instantly sent many options and suggestions to any of our requests, we communicated constantly, 24/7, endlessly discussed scenarios and thought out various ideas for our future wedding.

It is very difficult to overestimate the role of Dolce Vita in creating our wedding: without them, there would be nothing J Margarita prepared and did everything from A to Z: from choosing and booking the wedding venue to solving our endless problems with documents (seriously, self-drafting documents for ceremonies not for impressionable brides and grooms).

In fact, it is very exciting to plan a wedding at a distance when you cannot see everything with your own eyes, but only in photographs."

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Oleg & Maria

"Remembering the Amalfi Coast ... August 22, 2017.

Dear Margarita! We want to thank you for organizing the wedding of our dreams. This could be the end ... After all, it is very difficult to find words of gratitude for everything you have done for us.

You understood all our wishes from a half-word, gave wonderful advice, guided us and helped us in the difficult choice of both minor trifles and the most important things that make up our celebration.

Thank you for your patience and responsiveness, for understanding our excitement and moral support ... For your smile and for creating a truly Italian atmosphere and a fabulous day!

Thanks to you and your incredible team of stylists, photographers, decorators and everyone who took part in making this day unforgettable for us ... it will remain in our memory for a long and happy life.

Thank you so much, Dolce Vita!"




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