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What is a civil wedding or ceremony?

   It is marriage ceremony conducted by a local council official called a registrar at an approved venue, rather than by a vicar or priest in a church, as in case of a traditional “white wedding”. If you want to be officially wed in the law of Italy, having an Italian spouse, or just wishing to have this official ceremony approved by Italian magistrate for various purposes, civil wedding in Amalfi is a perfect option for that.

   Civil wedding in Amalfi coast is going to be a solemn and memorable event. Civil ceremonies are most often held in the towns of Positano, Ravello and Amalfi.

Positano wedding

   Civil weddings in Positano take place in the historic building of the town community, if the weather is good the couple might want to have their wedding ceremony outside on the wonderful terrace of the town council. Mayor Civil registrar conducts the ceremony in Italian and Dolce Vita interpreter translates it to the spouses.

   The town hall of Positano stands on the highest part of town, on a location that dominates the entire village.

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   Positano is one of the few town halls of Italy that allows outdoor wedding ceremonies.

   Here at the height of some hundred meters above the sea level the awe-inspiring panoramic view opens up to the admiring public. Apart from the picturesque landscapes one will enjoy the elegancy of the beautiful table, made by local craftsmen in the famous majolica style.

   Your wedding in Positano is going to be the most beautiful and exiting experience against the breathtaking sea and mountain landscapes.

Ravello wedding

   Civil ceremony in Ravello, Amalfi coast, is performed in Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte, a wonderful park, founded in 1936 and named after Umberto di Savoia’s wife Princess Maria José. She passionately loved Ravello and was a regularly visited this small town on the seashore sitting between the green mountains of Amalfi coast.

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   The park is famous for a number of movie scenes shot here. Hollywood and Italian directors appreciated the setting and used it for their movies. One of the latest was Mr. and Mrs Smith episode where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s love story started.

   Nowadays the “Gardens of the Princess”, located hundreds of meters above the sea level, are a popular venue for most romantic and exciting weddings in Italy. What can serve a better background than the greenery of the trees and the emerald deeps of the bright sea, promising an unforgettable beginning of a married life.

Amalfi weddings

   Amalfi coast is said to be one of the most beautiful in Mediterranean Italy, and it’s heart, the town of Amalfi, which used to be the capital of once powerful sea republic, is now a mecca among the wedding venues of the world.

   Civil wedding ceremony in Amalfi is performed in the town hall (Sala Morelli) or in the Arsenal of Sea Museum.

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   This unique museum has an imposing and elegant architecture. Build out of stone and mortar, it has two parallel gothic galleries with vaulted ceiling supported by huge columns of ancient stonework. They serve a magnificent setting for wedding ceremonies and contribute to their solemnness and significance.



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