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Cimbrone Ravello wedding venue

Villa Cimbrone is located in the heart of Ravello and is one of the main attractions of the city. The villa is famous all over the world

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for its terraces, overhanging above the sea at a height of about 500 meters, offering the best panoramic views of the entire coast of Amalfi, its parks with lush vegetation.

Here, in a secluded green garden, with breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea or in the elegant teahouse, nestled deep in the park of the villa, you can celebrate your symbolic ceremony. Wedding dinner can be set in the villa’s restaurant awarded with Michelin star, or in the wonderful vaulted Gothic style portico.

In this amazing place, your love will grow even stronger, and your guests will be delighted by your choice of wedding venue, as Villa Cimbrone is a fine example of luxury and style!

The newlyweds and their guests will be accommodated in elegant rooms of the five-star hotel furnished with antique furniture.

Villa Eva wedding venue

In the center of Ravello town just a few minutes’ walk up the stone stairs you find yourselves at villa Eva built for fine and luxury weddings.

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You and your guests will surely appreciate the elegace and the outrageous beauty of the villa, as well as its high-class service and the quality of the cuisine.

The amazing terrace with a panoramic 360° view of Amalfi coastline and the bright blue sea is a perfect spot for a unique symbolic wedding ceremony. An aperitif and a wedding buffet is awaiting in the huge green park on trimmed grass lawns.

The villa offers its service for the exclusive use of wedding celebrations and parties only.

Caruso Hotel

Caruso Hotel is one of the ancient venues of the town of Ravello, built in 11th century by Marquise d’Afflitto, is now one of the most famous and beautiful hotels of the Southern Italy.

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Groomed parks and gardens, narrow alleys and the best panoramic view of Amalfi coastline are absolutely unique settings for your wedding that will turn your celebration into an amazingly gorgeous event.

Caruso Hotel, an oasis of exquisite luxury, is popular among many Hollywood celebrities.

On a splendid green lawn with a wonderful view of the sea, your symbolic wedding ceremony is going to be fairytale and romantic.

Have your wedding banquet either on a luxurious terrace near the pool or in the garden under the lush greenery of the trees and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea.

Villa San Grimaldo wedding venue

If you want to hold a civil or a symbolic wedding in a private Italian villa, Villa San Grimaldo gives you this unique opportunity. Here you will be able to hold and a wedding ceremony and a banquet at once.

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Built in 1974, Villa San Grimaldo, is one of the most prestigious wedding venues of the Amalfi Coast. Breathtaking panoramas opening from here create a unique atmosphere for exquisite weddings.

You can organize your wedding reception in an elegant salon or on the terrace with stunning views of the sea, or for lovers of romance in the green garden. The maximum number of guests is 100 persons.

You can book the entire villa for a week or by room during the low season.

Aleardo Hotel

The luxurious Aleardo 5-star hotel is located in a beautiful fairytale heart of the Amalfi coast, on a cape high above the sea, with the total area of 26 000 square metres surrounded by lush green gardens.

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It is a perfect venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Depending on the number of guests you are going to invite, you can choose one of several elegant restaurants for your receptions. Restaurant has huge French panoramic windows with magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes and a terrace with a pool. You might prefer restaurant on the beach and have an outdoor celebration to enjoy the breeze and the sea.

Whichever restaurant you choose wonderful cuisine and perfect service is always there for you, ready to meet your needs and wishes.

The whole area of the hotel is immersed in tranquility and peacefulness. Each of 56 rooms is decorated in an individual style and has a terrace or a balcony with a sea view. It is an ideal venue to rest against the fantastic Positano landscapes.

Hotel Incantato

Hotel Incantato is located in one of the most fascinating spots of Positano.

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Founded by Giuseppe many years ago the hotel is now managed by his descendants. Its glory shines through the history due to the famous guests who stayed here – for example members of royal families such as Prince of Monaco or Grace Kelly.

The beautiful terrace, as if hanging between the sky and the sea, with its magic views of the azure waters and mountains in afar, is an ideal spot for a unique symbolic ceremony.

One of the elegant restaurant halls or an open terrace will host your wedding receptions. Antique recipes are cooked by the chefs with fresh local seafood and fruit and vegetables grown at the venue.

Gran Hotel Arabic

Grand Hotel Arabic, one of the most famous five-star hotels of "Divine Coast" is located on a steep cliff. Everything here reminds of a sultan, who, astonished by the beauty of the place, decided to build his residence here. 

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Two restaurants and the fabulous roof terraces overlooking the sea are perfect for the wedding banquet! A symbolic or religious wedding can take place in the beautiful Romanesque chapel built in the 19th century, located within the area of the hotel.

Built in the oriental style hotel is perfect for a fairytale wedding. A large number of comfortable rooms furnished with antiques can easily accommodate all your guests.

Villa Olindo wedding venue

Dreaming of a wedding reception in a private villa with a sea view and bright green high mountains around? Your dreams will come true if you wed in Villa Olindo that is located right on the top of a cliff in the town of Positano.

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The villa can accommodate up to twelve people. Here for the convenience of guests there is a swimming pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, a Turkish bath and six bedrooms, all equipped with en suite bathrooms.

The luxury of the villa and outstanding service provided by the hotel will make your guests feel at home! The villa is ideal for those who want to spend a wedding party with family members and the dear ones.

Villa Florina

Villa Florina built in the 19th century is located on the Amalfi coast just a few steps from the main beach of Positano. Terraces and balconies of the villa overlook magnificent panorama of mountains and the blue sea, creating the illusion of flight.

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Villa Florina decorated with antique furniture, original paintings and marble fireplaces, is perfect for an elegant wedding with Italian charm. Fantastic terraces and the garden will create a fairy tale atmosphere for a top class wedding party!

Villa Fiorenzo

Villa Fiorenzo is located in Amalfi coast, sitting on a picturesque slope of Positano mountains amidst the dreamlike southern landscapes. Its terrace wrapped in blooming bougainvillea and

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surrounded by the bright lemon trees is an ideal spot for a wedding reception in Italian traditions on Amalfi coast.

Here in the lush Mediterranean greenery surrounded by sea panoramas your wedding is going to be a magic event full of beauty and refinement.

The villa offers top quality service and an exclusive choice of delicacies for your wedding banquet.

The venue is available for exclusive use of you and your guests.

Hotel Livino

The enchantment of Livino 4-star hotel, sitting on the top of the cliff in a small village of Vietri sul Mare,

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will give your wedding the heavenly air of a fairytale.

One among the few in Amalfi coast, it provides its clients the chance of both civil and symbolic wedding ceremony on the private sandy beach outside.

For the reception you can book any of several restaurant halls with fascinating views of the Divine Coast, sitting from 50 to 500 guests. Or you can choose to have your banquet on an open terrace with the panoramic view that your guests are sure to fall in love with.

You and your guests are going to appreciate the menu and the wedding cake of your dream, since the best local chefs will design and cook the dishes according to your desire.

Villa Belina wedding venue

Imagine the happiest day in your life – your wedding day on a private villa in Amalfi. How do you see it? An outdoor celebration with a view of the sea? Villa Belina in Praiano is at your service.

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Elegant and stylish villa is ideal for small cozy symbolic wedding receptions in a close circle of the dear ones in the atmosphere of peace and serenity.

The villa houses up to 16 people in 8 bedrooms with WiFi, satellite TV and a DVD.

Villa Sempronio wedding venue

Villa Sempronio is located far away on the Amalfi coast in the hills, among its medieval forests.

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For more than 70 years couples from all over the world come here to celebrate weddings in a truly charming and romantic place.

Elegant halls and groomed parks are excellent for wedding parties. For the reception and the cake cutting ceremony guests are invited to the panoramic terrace with a swimming pool. The terrace offers stunning views of the green mountains and the setting sun behind them.

All dishes from the menu are cooked according to local traditions using only premium ingredients.

Here you can also stay for a few days with all your guests, as there are more than 40 comfortable rooms in the hotel.

Villa Severino

Villa Severino was built as a defensive fortress by a military officer in 1533. Its high and thick walls protected the coast from raids of Turkish pirates.

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From watch towers of the fortress observers monitored the area and in case of raids warned the local people to hide in mountains and caves. Later the fortress was rebuilt into a villa and become a place of rest of members of the royal family.

By now the villa has undergone great changes. Nevertheless its owners carefully preserved this historical heritage for many centuries. They have kept to our days the elegance of its rooms and parlors, carved in rocks; they have saved statues, columns and furniture of different epochs. All this provides the remarkable atmosphere that will make your wedding a fairy tale celebration filled with Italian chic and elegance.

Amazing Mediterranean garden and marvelous sea views will strengthen your impression of the villa and make your symbolic ceremony and banquet unforgetable.

Miramalfi Hotel

Fantastic Hotel of Miramalfi, which means “admiring Amalfi”, owes its name to the exquisite location on a high rocky cliff with one of the best panoramic views of Amalfi coast.

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Elegant banquet hall of the hotel is ideal for wedding celebrations. It has three glass walls offering you the magnificent views of the green mountains and the bright azure sea.

This amazing wedding setting created by the nature itself is added by exclusively tasteful dishes cooked by skillful chefs upon your request.

49 comfortable hotel rooms host you and your guests before and after the wedding day.

Villa Fulvio wedding venue

A remarkable villa hotel Fulvio built more than 5 centuries ago by the famous Cortese family is now one of the most popular 4-star hotels in Amalfi coast.

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The panoramic terrace hanging between the sea and the sky, decorated with a luxurious marble fountain, is going to offer you a wonderful opportunity for a breathtaking wedding ceremony and reception in the open air.

If the weather is disappointing, your reception can move to an elegant hall of the 19th century restaurant with an awesome panoramic view of the beautiful world outside at any time of year.

The chefs indulge you with their masterpieces of culinary art while guests enjoy the delicacies cooked and served within the traditions of ancient Mediterranean recipes.

The hotel offers 26 well-equipped rooms with refined décor and the view of the sea.

'Africana Famous Club

Amazing, world famous restaurant 'Africana Famous Club, is located in natural caves only 10 meters above the sea level. The club is ideal for young and dynamic couples who want to surprise their guests.

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A feature of the club, which makes it really unique, is the transparent floor with backlighting which allows to see the blue sea and rocks underfoot.

At different times F. Sinatra, J. Kennedy, G. Vidal, R. Nureyev were guests of the club. Nowadays 'Africana Famous Club is ideal for great weddings up to 300 persons, as well as for smaller celebrations which will feel good in small halls and caves of the club.

The lack of time limit is one of the main advantages of the club, if you wish you could have fun here until the morning.

Newlyweds can arrive at the club by a boat, as it has direct access to the sea.

High-class service and traditional Italian cuisine with fresh seafood will leave unforgettable memories of your banquet in ‘Africana unforgettable.

Neiva Hotel

Neiva venue combines a solemn noble exterior and an imitable aristocratic charm. Sitting amidst the lush gardens of olive trees the hotel is a perfect option for classy wedding receptions.

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Huge panoramic terrace decorated with flowers, excellent pool surrounded by Greek columns and a magnificent view of divine Amalfi coast are going to serve a perfect background for your elegant wedding.

The hotel restaurant offers national and international cuisine and caters to all your tastes and needs. Fresh seasonal products on the menu are cooked specially for you and your guests and together with exclusive professional service provide the highest class of your wedding reception.

Silenzio Cantatore wedding venue

Surrounded by green hills of San Pietro, within ten minutes’ drive from the town of Positano there is an elegant restaurant of Silenzio Cantatore.

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It was built in the 30s of the 20th century by a French nobleman who was in love with a young actress, and who decided to move there and build a cozy restaurant for her.

For weddings, Silenzio Cantatore offers several outdoor terraces and rooms overlooking wonderful bright blue sea and the island of Li Galli.

Nothing is left to chance here, every detail has been thoroughly planned to provide guests with comfort and the high-class service. Each dish is carefully cooked and supervised by professional chefs from the start to its serving. Friendly and smiling staff is always at your service!

Silenzio Cantatore is the perfect place, which ties together sophistication and elegance of a top-class service.

Sant'Albonio wedding venue

High in the mountains of Amalfi Coast, hidden among the Mediterranean greenery, there is Sant' Albonio Farm in the small town.

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Built on the ruins of an ancient villa of the 16th century, it still preserves its archaeological fragments.

Sant'Albonio is ideal for small weddings with family members and dear ones.

You will have an opportunity to hold a religious wedding in the small chapel of S. Albonio M., which is located on the territory of the villa.

Calmness and peacefulness of the place will create a unique atmosphere for your wedding and welcoming and hospitable hosts will make you feel at home.

The terrace with amazing views of the divine coast is excellent for a wedding banquet. The Chefs will cook the dishes for lunch and dinner according to ancient local recipes with food grown and produced on the farm only.

There are 8 rooms in the farm, so some of your guests can stay overnight there.

Villa Dalida wedding venue

Charming Villa Dalida is located between picturesque hills a few kilometers from the Amalfi Coast and Cilento. It is ideal for weddings.

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There is a beautiful terrace overlooking the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast. Hold your wedding ceremony and reception here, the maximum number of guests to sit is 240 people.

Guests can also have at their disposal five small cozy houses smothered in rich greenery, with elegantly furnished rooms equipped with all necessary facilities.

The villa is a part of a small company specializing in the production of wine, limoncello, jams, olive oil and other natural products. You and your guests will be able to carry out tastings of all locally grown and produced delicacies.

Attention to every detail, impeccable professionalism of the staff and the excellent quality of dishes, are sure to make your celebration unforgettable.

Hotel Conca d’Oro

Hotel Conca d'Oro was built in 1949 by Giovanni Capello in the Baroque style. The hotel is famous for its majolica craftwork by local craftsmen.

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Hotel Conca d'Oro gives its customers the fabulous and romantic atmosphere for a wedding party that you will be able to hold in the elegant hall with a sea view. For receptions and the cake cutting ceremonies guests are invited to the outdoor terrace, located at the height of the cliff. The maximum number of guests is 100 persons.

Chefs will please you with Mediterranean meals cooked of local products, which guarantees the freshness and quality of ingredients used. You and your guests will have the perfect opportunity to enjoy local cuisine and keep great memories of the wedding reception.

It is also possible to stay in the hotel rooms.

Villa Volcov wedding venue

A dreamlike wedding on a well-kept meadow with a magnificent view of the sea – Villa Volcov, dating back to the 15th century, built by a Russian

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aristocrat, is exactly what you need for an ideal wedding.

Have a fantastic unique symbolic wedding ceremony and reception on an amazing panoramic venue. The most famous catering company, well-established on this coast, will serve your banquet and make any of your original ideas come true, pleasing you with the top quality of the dishes and service.

Sea Club Conca Azzurra Resort

Sea Club Resort is located in a unique natural area 4 km from the center of the town of Sorrento. Here on the picturesque site with a panoramic view

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of the Island of Capri and Ischia you will have a beautiful symbolic ceremony.

The restaurant, sitting on an open terrace with tall white columns, offers exclusive banquet menu for your wedding reception with a wide range of local and national wines and unique dishes. A remarkable assortment of desserts is going to be the focus of the party: heavenly biscuits, beautifully decorated cakes, ice-creams with various flavours – your wedding banquet is sure to be an unforgettable festival of delicious masterpieces.

Gardenia Hotel

A small family Gardenia Hotel is located in historical center of Ravello, a few steps from remarkable Villa Rufolo Park. Among the beauties and the tranquility of the green mountains,

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the family of Mansi has been giving hospitable accommodation to its guests. Famous visitors like the refine elegance of the hotel, for example Jacqueline Kennedy enjoyed her stay here in 1960.

Whether you choose the exquisite restaurant hall with French windows or the open terrace for your wedding reception, you are going to enjoy the fantastic views of the Amalfi coastline, serving a solemn and majestic background for your celebration.

10 comfortable rooms with amazing views of the sea will host you and your guests and make you feel at home.

 Costiera Divina wedding venue

Costiera Divina is comfortable located high above the sea between Amalfi and Positano among the green mountains.

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The fantastic hotel wooden handmade terrace surrounded by citrus trees is a perfect spot for wedding celebrations in rustic or classic style. From the height of several tens of meters in the tranquility and quietness of the picturesque hills, you will enjoy the amazing landscapes of Amalfi coast.

The dishes are cooked specially for your wedding dinner upon the traditional recipes that are passed from generation to generation in the chefs’ families.

Fresh eco products grown at the venue’s garden will also allow the guests to enjoy to its full all the riches of Amalfi coast.

The venue offers 11 rooms for the guests to stay before and after the wedding as well as for your honeymoon.

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